On Wednesday the 2nd of May, Dara students were fortunate enough to be visited by Alan Thompson, recognised authority in the fields of giftedness and coaching for high-ability families, Fellow of the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School, Chairman of Mensa International’s Gifted Youth Committee, and also the National Gifted Children’s Coordinator for Australian Mensa. In preparation for Alan’s visit, students were given a task to identify someone who is confident, or something that represents confidence in their eyes. Students were also asked to respond to the question “What would your life look like if you were ten times more confident?” Students’ responses indicated many found this question deeply thought provoking, a number of responses uncovering a further question: “If I were ten times more confident would I still be me?”.

The students engaged well with the content of the session and with Alan. Here are some reflections from the students:

“We talked about confidence and role models and who our role model was.  We read a book that Allan wrote and illustrated by Judith.  We had to try and remember all the characters in there and if you remembered, then you got a balloon.   Three students in the primary group got a balloon.  We did a memory game at trying to remember student’s role models then you got a prize.  We went around sharing what we would be like if we were 10 times more confident.  At the end of the day all the Mums had a coffee with Allan while the students played”.

Helena and Annalise (Dara Primary School Students)