School Staff

Mariusz Sterna
Deputy Principal

B.Sc (Biology), B.Ed (Secondary), B.Spec.Ed, Grad.Dip.Info.Stud., Master of Ed. (Gifted Education), Doctoral Candidate (Flinders University)

I have been involved in Education for over 18 years, primarily as a senior Science / Mathematics teacher in government and non-government schools. As an educator, I have a strong interest in working with students from both sides of the ‘ability spectrum’. In a number of schools, I have held the positions of Special Education Coordinator and Special Education teacher, working closely with students with special needs. However, above all, my greatest passion involves working with gifted students. In the past, while employed in large secondary schools, recognizing an absence of any meaningful provisions for high ability students, I have initiated and ran Gifted Education programs for gifted students, subsequently gaining the position of Gifted Education coordinator and teacher in those schools.

Being passionate about literacy, educational resourcing and reading, for the last 10 years I have held the position of a Teacher Librarian / Library Coordinator at two large co-educational secondary colleges. Additionally, having a deep and pragmatic appreciation for literacy and languages, I am fluent in three languages other than English.

As a teacher, throughout my career, I’ve held a wide range of positions in middle and senior schools, teaching: Mathematics, Science, Biology, IT, Research Practices, Research Project, PLP / WPP, Religious Education and English.

I strongly believe that knowledge and education are absolutely vital to humanity’s prosperous future and myself hold three undergraduate degrees and three post graduate qualifications, including a Master of Education (Gifted Education) degree. I also highly value educational research as well as evidence based pedagogy, and I am currently completing a doctoral degree at Flinders University, with a research focus on South Australian gifted students’ perceptions and use of school libraries. I have presented my doctoral research findings at national and world conferences in Gifted Education.  I am one of the founding members of Dara Village School Inc. and Dara School.

As a Gifted Education specialist, I feel that being witness to the wonder of academically gifted young minds is a privilege of the highest order. However, I also know that as educators we must never forget that giftedness cannot be seen as a static description of yet another type of the human condition, but instead must be treated as an ongoing process of evolution of self. This notion is echoed particularly well in the eloquent words of Franks & Dolan (1982) who state:

“We need to view giftedness as a process of becoming, rather than an exercise in being”.

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