“We’re delighted to congratulate Alyssa for placing first in the Junior Australian division of the Robogals Major Challenge,” said Principal, Lynda McInnes.

The Robogals Science Challenge is a global STEM competition for girls & gender diverse students aged 5-15. Encouraging girls & gender diverse students to explore different disciplines of STEM through hands-on projects.
The Major Challenge requires participants to create their own research task and produce a video to show their findings. Participants are free to choose a topic within STEM.
“Alyssa’s project was a robot that told knock knock jokes, and she observed how interacting with the robot made it more difficult for people to turn it off. She thinks that this bonding could allow robots to be used for emotional support.”
“Alyssa competed in the Junior age 5 to 8 to place first in this category and we’re super proud of her efforts, well done Alyssa!”