On September 13, 2017, we were honoured to have Alan D. Thompson provide a workshop to our students on Brightness in the Classroom, with a particular emphasis on individual strengths. Not to be out done, the parents attended a seminar after school on how they can support their child’s strengths. This even included homework prior to attending the workshop. The teachers, parents and students were very inspired by Alan’s work and have requested that Dara School invite him back again next year.

Alan Thompson is the National Gifted Children’s Coordinator for Australian MENSA, and sits on the Gifted Youth Committee for Mensa International. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost gifted coaches. He specialises in working with families, and is an expert on high performance. Alan’s coaching practice, Life Architect, helps clients to shift from bright to brilliant. He has published dozens of books and articles in the gifted and high performance space, including Bright, aimed at understanding brightness.

It was a great honour for Dara School to be invited by Alan to take part in a new pilot program which accredits Schools cooperating with Australian MENSA.