In week 6 Dara students took part in Water Safety at Westminster.

What is Water Safety Education?
Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) Water Safety Education program provides an educational experience that:

  • is designed to encourage students to think for themselves, make good decisions and understand the consequences through simulated open water scenarios and personal survival strategies
  • promotes confidence and awareness by providing opportunities for student to develop skills and knowledge that can help to keep them and others safe in a variety of aquatic environments
  • focuses on what primary school children are able to learn in their school program to ensure they are able to save themselves in potentially dangerous situations

The program is based on the belief that “If we only have one opportunity to teach kids what they should do if they fall into open water, these are the key skills they actually need to learn “

The DECD program is different in emphasis from other “Learn to Swim” programs your child may access outside DECD.  It is important that children learn the skill and knowledge and gain the understanding and ability to make good decisions around water and keep themselves and others safe.