We welcome applications for enrolment from prospective students.

Enrolments for 2022 are now closed. The submission deadline for applications for 2023 will be finalised soon. Please note, our available places for 2023 are limited. We do not offer mid-year intake.

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Please complete the Application form below.

The form consists of 4 short answer questions, a Supporting Evidence section, student information (name, date of birth, etc.) and parent/caregiver information (name and contact information).

The form will not allow you to save a partially filled out submission so please have the files of supporting evidence ready for uploading before you begin.

Required Supporting Evidence includes:

  • Evidence of Cognitive Ability (e.g. Woodstock Johns III, WISC, AGAT, MYAT, etc.) with Psychologist’s report in full. Please inform us of the password if the document is protected.
  • Achievement Tests, if applicable (e.g. WIAT, UNSW, PAT Reading Comprehension, PAT Maths, ICAS competitions, Olympiad competitions, etc.).
  • Current school report, if applicable.
  • NAPLAN results, if applicable.

For more information, please contact or call us on 08 8317 6020.

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Panel Review

All applications are reviewed by a panel. If the application is progressed, the School Principal will invite the potential Dara School student and their parents/caregivers to an interview.


The prospective student and their parents/caregivers attend the interview with the panel, comprised of the School Principal and another Dara School teacher. The interview is expected to last approximately one hour. Families are encouraged to bring to the interview anything the prospective student wishes to discuss with their potential school.


All successful applicants will receive their offer of enrolment in October.