Chair’s Foreword

 The Governing Council for Dara School, is proud to serve an exceptional community of Gifted Students, and their dedicated Parents and Educators.

It is our objective through implementing Governance best practices, and using the Governing Council’s combined skills, experiences, and passions, that we will have Dara School realise its full potential as a leader in Gifted Education in Australia. In turn, providing Gifted Students with a truly empowering education pathway through which they can develop as happy, healthy and successful individuals.

We are honoured to support the success of this unique school. We strive to build on the great work that has been done since its inception in January 2017 by those that have gone before us, and to continue developing and evolving, as a Governing Council, to ensure we meet the needs of this wonderful School’s community.

Chairperson: Matthew Woodward

Dara School Governing Council Members

ChairpersonMatthew Woodward
PrincipalLynda McInnes
MembersGeorge Elliott
Mykola Kyrylenko
Timothy Weston
John Gerschwitz
Robert McLaren
Gregory Graham
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