About Us

Approved Provider: Dara Village Inc

Provider Number: 40028353

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide a safe, and nurturing environment that allows children to learn, expand their interests through positive and active experiences. We acknowledge and celebrate the uniqueness of each child and encourage a natural desire to be curious and question their world by identifying and supporting individual interests. We value our connections with families and the wider school community, and recognise the vital role they play in each child’s development.

We are guided by the core values of Dara School


  • A supportive environment that promotes wellbeing through empathy, understanding, respect and joy.
  • Valuing our community and celebrating our collective experiences and successes.
  • Collaboration and the sharing of ideas and feedback.


  • The courage to be independent, take risks, try new ideas and challenge ourselves, with the support of quality learning experiences.
  • Honesty, integrity, effort, and reliability.


  • Daring to be different through implementing creative, adaptive and reflexive approaches to learning.


  • Intrinsic motivation to take up new opportunities to explore, discover and develop new skills, knowledge and understandings.


  • Identifying connections between learning domains to create opportunities for deeper conceptual understanding and application in new and unfamiliar contexts.

Our Staff

Vicki Davis – Director

Kayla Pelham – Assistant Director/Educator

Anne Wilk – Educator

Madeleine Johnson – Educator