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Dara School | Gifted Children
Dara School | Gifted Children

Welcome to Dara School

Dara School is a community that nurtures learning and personal growth in intellectually gifted students. It is a secular, independent and co-educational school. It currently caters for primary school Year 1 to Year 7 students and will grow incrementally to cater for students from Year 1 to Year 12 by 2025.

2021 – Year 8
2022 – Year 9
2023 – Year 10
2024 – Year 11
2025 – Year 12

Dara School has a progressive educational philosophy. The environment is purposefully designed with the specific learning characteristics of gifted students at the fore. This design is based on a pedagogy that recognises and nurtures each student’s individuality and uniqueness through an integrated, personalised approach to teaching and learning and complemented by strategically organised and flexible learning spaces.

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Water Safety

In week 6 Dara students took part in Water Safety at Westminster. What is Water Safety Education? Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) Water Safety Education program provides an educational experience that: is designed to encourage students to think for themselves, make good decisions and understand the consequences through simulated open water scenarios and… Read more

Special Visitors

On Wednesday 12th August we were honoured to have some special visitors to Dara, the Assistant Minister Trevor Evans and our local MP, Nicolle Flint. Their visit was to see what we have done with the $19k environment grant we received. We used the money to remove toxic plants, storm water management, fencing and will… Read more


We are excited to see our own Chiara as the first singer in this  promotion. This song was performed collaboratively by the Australian Girls and Gondwana National Choirs.

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