Vision, Mission & Values

Dara School is an accommodating and specialised environment designed to meet social and emotional needs of children and teenagers who are gifted, including those who are gifted with a learning disability. The school ensures gifted children have a safe, fun and challenging environment, where they can learn and grow. The school is a co-educational, secular, community school, which is environmentally friendly, and which develops ongoing partnerships with local community.



Dara is revolutionising the way people teach, understand and design learning for gifted children.



Dara provides a unique learning environment designed to meet the individual educational and emotional needs of gifted students. Drawing on our collective expertise within the field of gifted education, our approach is underpinned by mutually respectful teacher-student relationships and dynamic flexible practises based on learner profiles.
Dara promotes community understanding and awareness of gifted learners and shares our experience for the benefit of gifted students, parents of gifted students and educators across Australia.




  • A supportive environment that promotes wellbeing through empathy, understanding, respect and joy.
  • Valuing our community and celebrating our collective experiences and successes.
  • Collaboration and the sharing of ideas and feedback.


  • The courage to be independent, take risks, try new ideas and challenge ourselves, with the support of quality learning experiences.
  • Honesty, integrity, effort and reliability.


  • Daring to be different through implementing creative, adaptive and reflexive approaches to learning.