Vision, Mission & Values

Dara School provides an accommodating and specialized environment to meet the learning, social and emotional needs of children and teenagers who are identified as gifted, including those, who are gifted with a learning disability. The school ensures gifted children have a safe, supportive, challenging and fun environment where they can learn, collaborate, discover and grow. Dara School is a co-educational, secular, community school with an environmentally friendly focus, which proactively cultivates ongoing positive partnerships with local and wider community for the benefit our students’ unique needs and interests.



Dara School’s vision is ensure that gifted children have a challenging and meaningful educational environment that caters to their unique needs and optimises their learning outcomes.


The mission of Dara School is to cultivate individual strengths and recognise the needs of our diverse students. Our aim is to nurture and support students’ affective development while inspiring our students to become innovative thinkers and expert communicators in a global community. Our focus on creating a strong relationship between educator and student allows us to build a challenging, meaningful and engaging curriculum at each child’s individual readiness level.


We wish for our students to grow into adults who have integrity, strive for excellence, and are empowered with a sense of purpose and optimism for the future.

The word of the year need not have been coined within the past twelve months but it does need to have become prominent or notable during that time
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