Chair’s Foreword

As an educational institution committed to nurturing the potential of gifted students, Dara School has always strived for excellence in every aspect of its operations. Behind the scenes, the Board plays a pivotal role in steering the school’s mission, ensuring that it remains a beacon of gifted education best practice.

The governance function of any organization is critical in providing strategic direction, overseeing policy, and safeguarding the institution’s values. However, when it comes to a school like Dara, where the students possess extraordinary talents, the board’s responsibilities take on an added level of significance. The members of the Board possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with nurturing gifted individuals, and they embrace their duty to create an environment where these young minds can truly flourish.

One of the fundamental strengths of the Board lies in its diversity of expertise and perspectives. Comprising professionals from various fields, including education, law, business, and academia, the Board brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience.

With unwavering dedication, expertise, and a profound understanding of the unique needs of gifted learners, the Board assists in supporting Dara’s hard-working staff to ensure that Dara remains a trailblazer in providing an exceptional educational experience.

We are honoured to be a part of and support a community that nurtures and celebrates the incredible potential of gifted young minds.

Chair: Julian Thompson

Dara School Governing Council Members

ChairJulian Thompson
TreasurerJoanne Headlam
SecretaryCath Lousberg
MembersSophia Elliott
Lionel Bentley
Janet Farrell
Dave Olsen
Joshua Clarke