The Dara School Board has a clear understanding of the School’s mission (to be a hub of excellence in Gifted Education), vision (to provide the best educational framework and environment for its gifted students) and values (of integrity, empowerment and excellence). It is the duty of the Dara School Board to formulate a Strategic Direction for the school which encapsulates the mission statement, vision and values, and which is formulated to guide the school through its next few years as momentum for further development builds.

The Board’s Strategic Direction will prioritise what must be done to ensure that Dara School remains a lighthouse for Gifted Education in Australia and it will continue to build upon the initial optimism with which the school began in January 2017. Dara School Board is focused on maintaining this sense of dynamism and optimism as well as its pragmatic approach to further develop and grow the school for the benefit of our students and the wider community.

Chairperson: Wendy Stewart M.Gift.Ed

Dara School Governing Council Members

ChairpersonSusan Chau
SecretaryAndris Versteeg
TreasurerKeith Wood
PrincipalLynda McInnes
MemberLesley Habel
Neil Hendry
Jon Gorvett
Peter Loveday
Jeffrey Naqvi
In Attendance Arthur Siow (Legal Advisor)
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