School Staff

Alan Paice

Bachelor of Education (Physical Education and Science)

Having always had a passion for education and finding joy in the privilege of seeing other’s improve, I pursued a career in teaching, graduating from the University of South Australia with B.Ed. (Physical Education and Science).

With clear goals and a drive to combine my passion for education and soccer, I travelled overseas to teach and pursue professional soccer opportunities. During this time, I worked in a diverse range of educational settings, which presented me with unique opportunities to work with students with varying and complex needs. Through these experiences and accompanying ongoing completion of professional development, I bring to Dara skills, knowledge and expertise that enable me as an educator to work with students to become resilient, self-sufficient and independent learners. Independence and resilience being key life-long skills for gifted individuals that will serve each student well into their life beyond school.

As a life-long learner, and educator of gifted learners, in addition to having specialist experience in my teaching areas, I pride myself in keeping up-to-date with evidence-based best practice in my specialist areas of Mathematics, Science, Digital Technology, Design Technology, Physical Education and Health.

In addition to being recognised for my abilities as an educator throughout my various teaching roles, my skills and attributes for working with children and adults alike was recognised having been awarded the prestigious title of Australian Coach of the Year. I feel privileged to bring these same skills and attributes to Dara, to work with our students, and contribute to the vibrant Dara community we have today.