School Staff

Alan Paice

B.Ed. (Physical Education and Science)

I graduated from the University of South Australia with B.Ed. (Physical Education and Science) in 1999. Soon after completing my degree, I traveled to the UK, pursuing teaching and professional soccer opportunities. I have taught a diverse range of subjects including Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health and Religious Education in a variety of schools across Birmingham, while also embracing all available opportunities to broaden my teaching career. I am well versed and experienced in teaching Mathematics and cherish the opportunity of teaching this subject again. I returned to Australia in 2006, and have spent my time since in a variety of roles, working with disadvantaged children and children at risk, as well as working on community sports programmes. In 2013, I was awarded Australian Coach of the Year by the Football Federation of Australia for my contribution to the development of local club and school Football programmes.
I look forward to empowering students at Dara School with a challenging and broad curriculum and providing a supportive platform for their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.