School Staff

Ash McCall

Bachelor of Arts (English and Creative Writing), Masters of Teaching (Primary)

In 2020, I graduated from Flinders University with a Master of Teaching (Primary). My undergraduate degree allowed me to major in English and Creative Writing, with minors in Humanities and Social Science. The undergraduate degree equipped me with the knowledge and educational foundations to take on a post-graduate teaching degree, which furthered my capability and passion for teaching and collaborating in an educational context. Growing up, I learned that I love to pass knowledge onto others and share experiences I have had in life, and I believe this is where my passion for teaching stems from. Outside of teaching, I enjoy rock climbing, model making, Formula 1, and hiking around Adelaide.

Dara is my first step in my educational career to be a part of a hard-working, passionate and caring community, where I wish to become a valued teacher, mentor and co-worker for students, staff and parents/caregivers. Dara prides itself in giving gifted students the best opportunity to flourish in a unique learning environment, and I am very excited to be a part of that and expand my knowledge of gifted education and adapt my pedagogy for student-led, independent learning.