School Staff

Ken Birbeck

Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics), Masters of Teaching (Secondary)

I graduated Flinders University with a Master of Teaching (Secondary), specialising in Physics and Mathematics, in 2020. Prior to that, I worked as an industrial software engineer for several years, following my completion of a Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics) with Honours in 2013.

During my Honours year, I was employed by Flinders University as a casual academic, where I ran tutorials and laboratories in Professional Skills for Engineers, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors. It was during this period, as a tutor/demonstrator for the engineering department,  that I developed a passion for the teaching profession through aiding students to experience ‘eureka’ moments, when they are able to understand a complex concept or learn new skills. This carried over into my engineering career as I actively sought out the opportunity to work with the undergraduate engineers joining the company for their work experience. Consequently, I chose to pursue a career in the teaching profession.

Once returning to Flinders University, I spent a year doing a Bachelor of Science to expand my knowledge in the fields of chemistry and biology, before commencing my Master of Teaching (Secondary). During this time, I was reemployed by Flinders University as a casual academic and resumed my role of tutoring and demonstrating for first- and second-year engineering subjects. In addition to this, I commenced private tutoring for high school students in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

During the final semester of my Master of Teaching, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer here at Dara, to support in the Digital Technology classes. Through this experience, I have become fascinated with the unique and wonderful ways the students here see the world. Hence, I’m now planning to go back to university to undertake a Master of Gifted Education, so I can expand my understanding of gifted students and how to best support them in their learning journeys.