School Staff

Jenny Johnson

BEd(Sec), BA, Grad Dip Museum Studies, MEd (Gifted Education)

As a mother and educator, I have a strong sense of equity and know that each child comes with their own set of interests, gifts and challenges.  I believe that as I teach each student, work with every colleague and move throughout the workplace, actions of support, care, collaboration, empathy, understanding and equality should be afforded to all.

I am a Secondary trained specialist teacher with over 25 years experience working  in primary and secondary school contexts at both general teaching and leadership levels. I have been employed in both the public and private sectors throughout Australia. My passion for providing a rigorous, contemporary, relevant appropriately challenging curriculum is founded on a teaching pedagogy that makes authentic connections to the wider world. This has been fuelled by my interests and studies of Gifted Education, Visual Arts, Teaching and Museum Studies. I am really looking forward to working with the students of Dara School to develop and facilitate opportunities for each child to become their individual best.